TimeCam.TV Features

There are two plans for the TimeCam.TV service: Express for creating a time-lapse player for any online camera, and Archive Pro for monitoring construction projects.
The page provides details for:

TimeCam.TV Service - Applies to all players

Feature Description
Time-lapse playback
This is the core feature of TimeCam.TV. We create a spectacular time-lapse video from your camera.
Always up to date
Your time-lapse video is always up to date featuring the latest images from your camera.
Multiple timespans
And it's not just one time-lapse, but several - one for each interesting timespan: the most recent two hours, today, yesterday, 24 hours, week, month, up to full: the entire duration of your recording.
Embeddable on own website
You can embed your TimeCam player on your own homepage or anywhere on your website. Just grab the simple embed html code from your control panel and paste it into the html of your website or CMS system, in the same way that you would embed a YouTube video.

Of course you can always see your time-lapse on your TimeCam.TV player page, too. You can share your time-lapse simply by sending your TimeCam.TV page address in an email.
iPhone, iPad, smart phone compatible.
View your TimeCam anywhere. Just visit the website from your device, a special version of the TimeCam player delivers your smooth time-lapse.
(Note: Some ArchivePro functionality is not yet available on the iPhone/iPad player. But we're working on it!)
Camera status alerts
TimeCam.TV monitors your camera to ensure that it is working correctly.
The service can send you an email if the camera is not working for a certain period of time, such as two hours. And the service only checks during the daylight hours that you configure for your camera, so the alert system works even if your camera is off at night.
Password access control
You can set a password for your TimeCam player to ensure that only you and your intended audience can view your online time-lapse.
Use your Existing Camera
Do you have a webcam or network camera already setup? Chances are you can use your existing camera for TimeCam.TV.
We don't force you to buy a new camera, unlike our competitors.

Don't have a camera yet?
View our camera recommendations.

Express Player Features

Feature Description
An online time-lapse service for only $19.95 / month!
Supports 640x480 image resolution (0.3 Megapixel)
For the Express player, the service archives your images at 640x480 which is the resolution of standard video and most most low cost webcams and network cameras.
Saves images needed for time-lapse
We keep the price down by keeping only the images that you need for your time-lapses. The service intelligently thins out the image archive as the images grow older, eventually maintaining only one image per day.

TimeCam.TV Express
From $19.95 / month
Express Pricing

Express - Free Trial! 

ArchivePro Player Features

Feature Description
Saves all images for a Full Archive
The service archives an image every 10 minutes and stores all of your images for the duration of your project.
Ultimate Archive Reliability
Your valuable images are archived to multiple harddisks spanning multiple storage facilities for enterprise level 99.999999999% annual data durability.
The TimeLine
Browse to any point in your full archive instantly using an intuitive timeline, just like on a video player.
And you can hone in to any time-range in your project from a month to a day, and view it as a time-lapse at full quality.

The TimeCam.TV Timeline: No other construction monitoring service has it.
Jump to any date in your time-lapse with a calendar control. Or enter the date in a text box.
No other service comes close. TimeCam.TV loads a medium resolution image right away as you browse your archive. Then, the second you stop browsing, the service dynamically loads your full resolution image for maximum quality and maxiumum speed.
Supports up to 12 Megapixel image resolution
More pixels means higher quality.
Pan and Zoom
Virtual PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) controls enable you to view see the action anywhere in your image.
And you can view a time-lapse of your selected zoom area.

A full quality time-lapse of any zoomed view, you can't do that on any other construction monitoring service.
Create Videos and DVDs
When your project is finished, or at any time, create a high resolution video file or DVD to conveniently share your amazing time-lapse.
Additional fees apply. Please see ArchivePro Pricing.

TimeCam.TV ArchivePro
From $179.00 / month
ArchivePro Pricing

ArchivePro - Free Trial!