Pricing: TimeCam.TV Express

Compare TimeCam.TV Express and ArchivePro services.

Standard Plan$19.95 / month
Up to 300 movie views per day + 3000 bonus views per month.
Platinum Plan$119.99 / month
Up to 3000 movie views per day + 25000 bonus views per month.
Platinum Plus Plan$199.99 / month
Up to 6000 movie views per day + 50000 bonus views per month.
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Bonus Views Explained:

The last thing you want is for your time-lapse movies to stop playing when your TimeCam suddenly goes viral. With “bonus views,” if your TimeCam goes over its movie views on a given day, we deduct subsequent views on that day from your monthly “bonus views”. This allows you to buy a plan based on your average monthly pageviews, while providing a buffer so your time-lapse enabled camera can sustain peak periods of higher traffic.

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